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Craw. Too many things. Ergo, we shall break it down, Angels style!

Ceramics has taken over my life, and writing has dwindled. I'm sure this is a psycological thing, because whever I get deep into my major I start to backpedal and get interested in something else. I think that on some level I don't wanna grow up. On the other hand, I think that I've found ceramics more appealing lately because it's just a group of artists kicking back and enjoying each other. Though ego is involved in art it is also easier to put it aside than it is for writers, who are promoted by their own ego in a tightly contested field. Artists at least know that we'll starve on art alone, and that always creates a sense of siblingship. Let us all starve together, yay! S'why many artists live in a commune-style, not necessarily out of politic reasons, but because five people can more easily afford a tube of cobalt blue paint than one alone.

My group proposal for creating a Computer Services handbook went through but needs extensive revision. My teammates think that because I'm the document writer they can just kick back on content, and whenever I seek an active critique they just roll out: "it's fine, looking good." Of course, that kind of useless compliment makes me want to go postal. I sent a memo to our director and she had a discussion with us today, not singling anyone out, but I knew that she'd bring up the need for more communication within the group. Now that is politic. I wish I could say it more clearly myself, but I was on the edge of losing my temper. To most I look like a slender doe-eyed dreamer, but when the dukes come out the gloves are off.

Coming up this week:

Art auction --one of my paintings is on the block and I'm nervous as all hell to be judged among my peers.

Ceramics sale --two of our best student ceramacists are having a show and sale next Thursday and have been showing off in the studios all week, keeping the rest of us sufficiently entertained with their bickering.

Photos --of my first successful ceramic cups! I'm so proud.

Naked cowboys on mechanical bulls --just kidding. That actually sounds more hilarious than teh hawt.


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