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I woke up this morning with the soundtrack from The Skeleton Dance stuck in my head. What the hell? Still, it's an amazing example of early sound-sync animation, and one of my favourites. I remember the way the church bell rang scared me when I was a child, because it was almost sentient in its movements. Also, when the skeletons combine to frantically run back into the grave before dawn the shape they makes reminds me a little too much of the legend of the Nucklavee.

Strangely though, the sweeping motion the skeletons make with their heads in one place scared me the most, it was so eerie. But as an adult I look at it and think: "Well, that goes against all physics." It's one of the few times that watching something you watched as a child with a new adult perspective that lessens the effect, rather than enhancing it. Contrary though, I find Labyrinth, the original Star Trek and The Princess Bride much more amusing now than I did when I was young, because I see all new levels of meaning in them.

Yesterdays was delightfully eerie and haunted feeling, because a low skirt of grey clouds was rolling over the basin, occasionally weeping rain or misting snow. I wandered about on campus to enjoy the feeling --being inland the air is so dry and when it's wet like that I feel I'm back home-- so I was out for a few hours.

I went to the auditorium/theatre at the college, the NPA. It's rumoured to be haunted, and while some people avoid the area I like it there. Even those I have spoken to who are complete skeptics dislike the building and say that they feel uncomfortable. I went out onto the glossy, dimly lit stage and just stood there for along time, trying to feel anything strange --I didn't-- and looking out over the dark smear of the unlit seating area. Nothing looked back at me but the blank faces of the  red fold-down seats. I felt that I was trespassing a little, becuase the stage is open for singers to practice voice or musicians to practice their aim over an actual venue space. Technically I wasn't supposed to be there, though at most I would have gotten a raised eyebrow from the security staff. 

Interestingly, I had my mental/emotional guards down to see if I could sense anything out of the norm. I was considering leaving when the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up. I knew it wasn't anything ghostly, but I left just the same, wanting to keep my harmless trespass a secret. Sure enough, just as I walked out the stage door a tour group of potential student parents and their guide were walking in from a place I could not have known they were coming from because of the sound-and-sight killing drapes on the fringes of the stage. One of the women gave me a snooty glance as I passed, so I gave her a grin in answer. They never knew I had been there.


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